The shopping industry in Phuket is undergoing what is perhaps the most active period of its development. In addition to the already existing BluePearl, Bukis, Central Retail Complex Expansion, Floating market, Duty-Free Retail Complex, King Power, and IKEA, another project, worth 300 million baht, the Boat Avenue complex, was opened in 2012.

The Boat Island complex is located in the north of the island next to the lagoon. It consists of an area of 30,000 square meters, and includes condos, restaurants, shops, offices, beauty salons and massage, and an unusual shopping center Container Mall, which sells maritime containers painted in bright colors. The complex also features Villa Market, with the usual assortment of big supermarkets, and a shopping center ,B-Mall, where you will find jewelry, clothing, art salons and cosmetics. On Fridays, Villa Market features a Friday Trade Fair, where visitors can find handmade souvenirs and taste local street food.

Given the popularity and demand for the Boat Avenue complex, which is important for both tourists and residents in the north of Phuket, in the near future, developers will be constructing a new 4-story building for offices, shops and accommodation, Boat Avenue 3 Premium. Emphasis is placed on the stores of the future premium products that will create a new trend of shopping on the island for a higher standard of living. The work associated with the expansion Boat Avenue and is expected to take 2 to 3 years.

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