Phuket9 Real Estate Development company offers services of house construction on Phuket Island. If you are looking for building contractor in Phuket we can offer full service, delivery of the “turnkey” project.

We can offer plots of land, create house design, build, manage construction, control and pass over to you the keys to a ready-to-use house with all the furniture, connected to all communications and even with internet and cable-TV services.

House construction costs in Phuket

For simple understanding of your budget for residential property construction use the prices below.

  • Construction only – 10,000 Baht / sq.m
  • Including finishing “luxury” – 20,000 Baht / sq.m (example)
  • Including finishing “premium” – 25,000 Baht / sq.m
  • Swimming pool with equipment – 25,000 Baht / sq.m
  • Large developments – request quotation (example)

Finishing includes wall painting, tile, sanitary ware, windows and doors, air conditioners.

Exact price of the construction can be calculated with the complete desig-project and drawings. It can be also adjusted according to your request and suggestions.

Property managing company

Rental, repair/redecoration, gardening and pool caкe, cleaning services – we accompany clients renting your property, providing them full service and saving you the trouble of doing it. Your property will be in in safe keeping under our supervision.

Please note: Phuket9 Real Estate services only company’s project. If you are looking for company to service your property, we can give recommendations only.

Commercial building works

The professionals of our company have experience of building multy-storey condominiums, 5-star hotels, shopping centers. For major construction we attract consulting companies, leading contractors and supervise all construction processes. Our investment proposals consist of projects with different value – from building small cottage districts, to construction of hotels at the seaside. We provide business plans, pay-back calculations, taking into account annual fees on the loan and are interested in attracting private investors and funds.

Stages of the construction

The process of constructing a private home, hotel complex or shopping center includes organizational, design, construction-and-assembling operations connected with the creation of the property. It also includes cooperation with the competent authorities of the Kingdom of Thailand and Phuket local authorities in the sphere of preparing the necessary documentation for conducting such works and subsequent operation of the facility. The process of construction of any building can be divided into following stages:

  • Pre-investment phase
    •  Market research – regardless of whether the construction of a private home or commercial property, it’s necessary to determine the value and worth of the selected plot of the land;
    • Before the actual purchase of the land it’s necessary to check the availability of driveways and communications, or the possibility of their supplying, as well as the possibility of obtaining the necessary permits for construction work;
    • Buying the plot of land, registration of land ownership
    • Выбор подрядчика.
  • Project works
    • Relief research;
    • Preparation and approval of project documentation – project design;
    • Obtaining a building permit – documentation is subject to review by local authorities;
  • Construction operations
    • Preparation of the land;
    • Preparation of the foundation;
    • Construction of monolithic frame;
    • Construction of walls or partitions;
    • Construction of roofs and roofing, insulation;
    • Providing communications;
    • Decoration works;
    • Furnishing;
    • Landscape design;
    • Common area landscape and infrastructure (club-house, park, kids playgrounds etc.).

At all stages of construction the customer controls works and pays for maintenance of the necessary construction. Upon completion of construction, the customer receives the item and makes the final payment to the contractor company. All the necessary documents for the ownership are executed.