Construction site of VIP KATA 2 Condominium

Sep 5, 2018 | Company News, VIP KATA Project

Let’s observe the process of construction of VIP KATA 2 Condominium. The photo below of the construction site of VIP KATA 2 Condominium that we made in August 2018. Here you can see the initial stage of construction. The process of building new condominium will take less than 2 years. The construction was started in August 2018 and completion scheduled in June 2020.

Photo from VIP KATA 2 Condominium Construction Site:

photo from construction site

The numbers in the photo are:

  1. Pile Pressing Device (PPD). While building a VIP KATA² Condominium piles, we press, but do not score. The technology allows to reduce the time of installation of piles by 2 times and that is of no small importance in the tourist zone – the minimum noise during operation.
  2. Land plot. The area of the land plot allocated for the construction of 2 buildings of the condominium is 4800 sq m (3 rai). Rai is a Thai unit of land area equal to 1600 sq.m. Due to, the cost of land in this location is 50 million baht for the rai.
  3. Buildings of neighboring hotels and restaurants. Next to the construction site are the buildings of small hotels and guesthouses, restaurants, massage parlors and 24-hour shops. The project VIP KATA² Condominium will add to the district not only an additional number of rooms and an influx of tourists to local businesses, but also infrastructure in the form of two new restaurants, a family park, bars on the roofs of buildings.
  4. Direction towards the beach. Kata Beach is only in 500 meters from the future condominium. The beach is popular with tourists in any season. The occupancy of hotels in the coastal part of the Kata district during the high tourist season varies between 80 and 90%.
  5. Piles. In total, more than 500 piles will be used to build two buildings and a common condominium infrastructure. The length of each pile is 19-21 meters. Work on the installation of piles last approximately 45-60 days.
  6. Chink for water supply. Before, at the construction site of the VIP KATA² Condominium was the hotel Chaba Resort, moreover, with all its engineering networks and communications. The availability of communications can shorten the construction period. Now, the existing engineering networks in a process of modernization.
  7. Grand Kata VIP Hotel. Before, it was the first phase of the project VIP KATA Condominium. The construction was started in early 2017, the building was put into operation in July 2018. Currently, Phuket9 company is manages the Grand Kata VIP hotel.

bird eye view on construction site

VIP KATA 2 Condominium 3D Render

Here is a 3d render of completed building of two phases of VIP KATA Condominium complex. There will total 4 buildings, 3 separate villas. Family park construction planned within 2019.

vip kata 3d render building

VIP KATA Photo Gallery

Photo gallery from prayer ceremony at construction site of VIP KATA 2 Condominium made in September 2018.

VIP KATA 2 — Best Time to Invest

When EIA and construction licenses received for the projects and construction started it is the best time to make an investment. There is no more risk of delaying development as the most important process to receive approval from the government passed. At this moment the prices are at the lowest rate and there is a big choice of units, including freehold option.

View full project details, location description, show unit photos, prices and rental guarantee program conditions at the VIP KATA Condominium Project Page and contact us for more information.

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