At the beginning of October 2015, the new high-tech Dibuk Hospital joined “Bangkok Hospital,” a group of private hospitals including Bangkok and Phuket International hospitals. It is located on Chao Fa West Road, near the Honda salon.

The project cost 600 million baht. In the format of a clinic, Dibuk Hospital opened a year ago. Since then, it has received certification for inpatient care, and has expanded its range of services for up to 32 patients, with the prospect of increasing to 224 beds. The hospital also operates a round-the-clock ambulance service.

A distinctive feature of Dibuk Hospital is its use of new technology for patient identification and the exchange of information within the hospital. This is done through the use of bracelets that include a QR code. This enables medical personnel to get full information about the patient, thus avoiding errors and  saving time. The data is stored and transmitted digitally. The purpose of the hospital is to offer the provision of quality services to secondary care at an affordable price.
Additional features of Dibuk Hospital include the following:

  • standby power supplies and LED lighting;
  • private water purification system, which allows using it again;
  • non-hospital arranged in a circle, which allows nurses to access any ward quickly;
  • bathrooms with windows are located on the outer side, allowing patients to control the sunlight.

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