Investment property in Phuket

The choice of investment property in Phuket. Development of hotel industry. Structure of rental programs. How to test the project’s perspective for investment.

Advantages of the VIP KATA Condominium

Advantages of the new project by Phuket9 – condominium in Kata district. On the location, quality of construction, management and guaranteed rental income. The cost of apartments, terms of payment and registration in the property.

6 Tips for Ensuring a Profitable Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment can be a lucrative venture, but it is not without its risks. It is extremely important that the property you purchase is one that has the potential to make you money. If you choose badly, you can lose the bulk of your investment. The following...

Avoid these 7 Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

Real estate investment can be quite lucrative, but it is important that you approach this business venture with a clear strategy in mind. Often, when real estate investments fail to produce profits, it is because the investor has made one of the following seven...