September in Phuket is a very important time for the marketing team of any hotel or resort. This month is the beginning of a new high season with a lot of tasks and operational activities. On the one hand, we sum up, on the other – we prepare ourselves for the huge amount of work for the benefit of high occupancy in the next six months.

In September we usually open the reservation for New Year’s dates, as selling them before this time is not always profitable, in addition, we keep a number of villas for our members. The base of loyal customers is constantly growing and we want to thanks them for their loyalty and offer such guests more favorable conditions and booking opportunities.

Another important group of leads are direct ones, those made through the site of our family hotel. In most cases they cost us less than buying the same leads through the aggregators like Booking.com, Agoda.com, Expedia.com etc, so we try to offer if not the best price, then the enhanced availability for the direct requests.

7 nights at Rawai VIP Villas for free

rawai vip villas phuket

9 months after the start of the guaranteed rental program in our investment project Rawai VIP Villas, the marketing team deserved the moral and material right to manage room-nights with full responsibility. And although the idea of ​​donating to subscribers was hanging on the board for a long time, we wanted to gain strength, gain experience and gain the trust of the entire team of the company, that no one would doubt the usefulness of this marketing move. Also, we would like that the prizes would be worthy, and not symbolic, for which the winner would be willing to pay for their flights from the farthest point of the planet.

Our main markets are Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China, Russia, Thailand. The most distant guests are usually Europeans, Russian, Australians – these travelers plan their vacation on average for half a year upfront. The rest are easier and faster to get here, but we would like that the contest would be interesting to all or to the majority of all our potential participants. Proceeding from this, the first prize we determined was a week-long rest in a 3-bedroom villa, included transfers, breakfasts, and did not limit the offer to terms (did not exclude the New Year period or other holiday and peak periods – all by availability). To have more chances and interest for the contest we added 4 more prizes:

  • 2 free nights;
  • 50% discount on any reservation;
  • sightseeing tour around Phuket island;
  • and a set of exclusive souvenirs from our project Love Rawai.

More details on the contest conditions can be found on the link: http://rawaivip.villas/win-7-nights-2017/

In short, to participate, you should do the following actions:

  1. Click “Like” under the publication: https://www.facebook.com/RawaiVIPVillas/videos/1504733536273910/
  2. Write any comment with hashtag #loverawai
  3. Wait for the winners to be selected on the 1st of November, which will be made with the help of a special service that will randomly choose prize winners from those who have performed the actions described above.

Our goals, expectations and plans for the coming year

happy family time in phuket

Firstly, we sincerely want to please somebody’s children with such prizes, to encourage the family to travel and spend time together. This is the basis of our business idea — to create conditions for families when they spend their time together.

Secondly, it’s not so easy to be noticed among hotels of world or even local brands with relatively strong and well-established marketing, so we invest in experiments and hope for a wide coverage and the opportunity to tell about our new product to potential guests.

In the coming months we will begin the construction of another phase of villas on the Rawai VIP Villas project, a 60 + room resort is planned to be built. By the end of the year our brand-residence for 9 apartments in the Chalong area is being launched. In 2018 we are launching another investment project VIP KATA Condominium, which will also be a unique family hotel 500 meters from Kata Beach, in the same place we have planned the construction of the second phase (more than 200 rooms) of the condominium. 2018 will also be the beginning for the construction of another hotel in the Karon area.

All these plans and processes will require even more experience in marketing, and we try to accumulate it. Our goal is to find and discover new channels of applications and make maximum use of social networks and communications to convey information about ourselves and receive feedback from our guests.

Thank you for your time to read and your cooperation.

Welcome to Phuket! Welcome to Rawai!


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