Case: Black Friday Results for Rawai VIP Villas

Natural intelligence implemented into Phuket9 company and represented by marketing department performed an experiment under a “Black Friday” label.

Promotional campaign was launched less than one week before Black Friday, kind of spontaneously. Note that spontaneity and the ability to organize something within a short time without many words is, perhaps, the main tool of a marketing manager.

No need to hide that this article is also a marketing device in the spirit of the time. Useful information attracts attention of intellectual and ambitious people pursuing the same goal. And that’s exactly what we need.

Black Friday Results

Promotion was held for Rawai VIP Villas project – family SPA hotel with kids park in southern part of Phuket Island. This promotion was aimed at reserving available villas for the period until 20th of December. You can find promotion conditions on hotel website. Final results will change only for the better. Preliminarily we recorded 6 reservations with total cost of 155 000 THB (5000 dollars). It is not a big income for our family hotel, however, this sum covered the expenses almost 5 times. Besides, this promotion attracted 50 followers in Russian Instagram account during only two days. This may seem just a few followers but looking through the profiles of new followers we are totally satisfied. Attracted followers seem to be 100% suitable for the family hotel. As for us, marketing managers, we clearly understand that in terms of followers the main thing is quality.

Creative Approach That Hit the Spot

I’ll repeat it’s just one case and we understand that some other companies achieved better results. It would be interesting to read about that. Anyway, we want to share with you what we have.

black friday case

This picture appeared to be the most effective as it got more clicks. We shared it on Facebook, in Instagram, put it on our website, created advertisement with this image and used this image for promotion distribution. The idea of the picture is simple, without complicated graphics. It was made in 2 minutes in Photoshop.

Marketing Tail

Reservation monitoring system on the website works in such a way that it is possible to check reservations by code in the following link. In this case it looks like this: /?ref=blackfriday2018. In case of following this link cookie file is created on customer’s device. This file keeps code data during one month.

We also use such codes in cooperation with partners. If you have a website devoted to travelling, Phuket or any other relevant subject, we can offer you a commission from reservations in our hotel. We will give you an access to admin panel and you will get your own code using which you will be able to send potential customers to our website. And we will do all the rest: make reservation, register, meet at the airport, check-in and entertain families by holding endless kids events in Rawai VIP Villas and Rawai Park. Don’t worry about your guests, we will do our best to make them feel happy because if they recommend our hotel to somebody else, we will gain more (but in this case you are not going to receive income LOL, no offense).

Marketing tail means that promotion has an effect on other periods of time and also other projects of company. Our business is not only renting property. First of all, we are a developer, then we are a property managing company. Also we have restaurants, SPA, anti-aging clinic. All services make an eco-system for guests of our hotels and the amount of guests gets bigger and bigger every year.

Negative and Positive

Some negative points – after promotion distribution in our database which has more than 5000 followers for today almost 20 followers unfollowed our account. Because of this the reputation of the list of our followers on Mailchimp platform decreased a little bit. mailchimp The natural intelligence of our team thinks these are the reasons:

  1. Promotion distribution was made less than one week after the previous distribution
  2. Maybe the text wasn’t written good enough, you be the judge

Anyway, we made a conclusion that next time we need to remind our old followers in the first sentence of a distribution letter why they are following us (they clicked the link from our website) and offer them to unfollow if they are not interested in our promotions. 

The positive point is that list reduction may be economic. Taking into consideration that sending distribution messages you need to pay for every letter, it is reasonable to keep only targeted, interested and motivated audience. Our slogan is chase the right sums. In this case it is the sum of nett profit.


We wish that rental market participants make similar promotions, distribute more information about Phuket, family vacation and attract more tourists by that. And all of us will win.

High tide lifts all the boats.

Come to Phuket and enjoy rises and falls of the tide, sunrises and sunsets. Follow us in Instagram and on Facebook.

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