Investments in Phuket’s Yacht Marinas

Development plans include the conversion of the coast of Phuket into a hub for water tourism. Doing so is expected to improve and strengthen tourism opportunities in the region. Phuket currently has four world-class yacht harbors: Royal Phuket Marina, Phuket Boat...

The Development of Road and Transport Infrastructure in Phuket

According to forecasts by the Department of Land Transport in Phuket, it is expected that this year will add more than 8,000 cars and almost 16,000 motorcycles to the province. This can mean as many as 24,000 vehicles on an island with an area of 543 sq. km. That equates to approximately 50 vehicles per square kilometer.

Duty Free shopping center King Power

October 2015 will see the grand opening of Phuket’s first duty-free shopping center, KING POWER, just outside the Phuket International Airport.  Also this year, King Power launched an online service for the sale of duty-free goods. King...

Phuket International Airport – new terminal construction

The new terminal at Phuket International Airport will extend annual passenger capacity to 20 million. The project includes new international terminal, five-floor car park building, cargo terminal and expansion of apron and taxiway and will be complete on May, 2015.

Central Festival Phuket – new building construction

The expansion of the shopping center Central Festival Phuket was announced in January 2013. Still it was delayed and built within 2016-2018. Here are the photos and video of the construction process.