Buying a finished house, off-plan house, or property during the construction has its advantages and shortcomings.

Complete house

Buying the finished home means both: secondary housing or a house build for sale. In both cases, the house may be in certain areas or a part of cottage settlements. When the house is complete you can see the finishing, decoration and understand its specification, location and assess its condition.

Disadvantages of buying the finished house is that you can not change the floor-plan or some materials used in finishing or these actions entail significant expenses.

Buying off-plan property

Most of the projects in Phuket offer pre-construction property for sale. In this case the Buyers are offered designed house project with drawings, which still can be changed is development of the house haven’t started yet. Read more about pros and cons of investing in off-plan property in Phuket.

Individual construction

Individual construction involves the development of your own design project with desired configuration of the ouse, the choice of decoration materials. You can plan your budget and construction time. Before the construction it is also necessary to choose the plot of land. This can be a plot with a view or land in the cottage settlement. Sometimes it is not easy to find land for a house, then there is an opportunity to build a few houses on the developed design project for sale or joint investment. House building process usually takes 8-12 months. The cost of construction and its stages are available here.