Kata-Karon area description

Kata and Karon districts do not have any physical borders and if you we don’t mention the beaches, geographically and officially it is one area called Karon. The territory is divided by an imaginary line that divides the beaches of Kata Noi, Kata and Karon beaches, but the differences in infrastructure or location are irrelevant, so we conventionally call this area of ​​the island Kata-Karon.


The district is located on the west coast of Phuket Island, 45 kilometers away from Phuket International Airport. The main road is called Patak Road, it will take you from the south to the north of the island and you will find yourself in Patong. If you move in the opposite direction, Patak road through the mountain pass that will take you to the eastern side of the island to Chalong (Chalong ring). If you get off Patak Road before the mountain pass, you can go along the coast straight to the south and get into the area Naiharn.

Karon Viewpoint is considered one of the popular attractions of Kata Karon district. It is located on the way to Naiharn beach. There are also two Buddhist temples in Kata-Karon, which are popular with tourists.

Kata-Karon can be attributed to tourist areas. It has a lot of hotels, recreation centers, a large number of restaurants and cafes, massage parlors, nightlife for tourists. Here you won’t find as many locals as, for example, in Thalang or even in Chalong, but there are a few local markets, which are eagerly enjoyed by tourists, buying fruits and seafood. Along the streets there are lots of shops with everything you need for relaxation and small shopping. Also here are many offices of travel agencies offering tours around the island and outside it.


The main places of interest for tourists are, of course, the beaches. Speaking of Kata-Karon, we mention three beaches: Kata Noi, Kata and Karon.

Kata Noi Beach (from Thai: Kata smaller), is probably the most quiet and least populated area of the district. The road leading to the beach is not traversed. Here one can find hotels overlooking the sea, such as The Shore, Katathani Resort and Spa, Impiana Private Villas and a very limited number of private houses and townhouses.

Kata Beach is separated from the smaller “brother” by a rocky headland; its length is more than twice the length of Kata Noi (1500 meters). Besides, the beach is wide enough to play football and volleyball, which tourists and locals are actually during the vacation.

Karon Beach, which is 6 km long, stands out because of its white creaking sand. Despite the fact that Karon is the second most popular tourist beach after Patong, it’s spacier here. There are practically no buildings on the beach, the nearby hotels are across the street from the beach, and the width of the beach is 200 meters. There is even a park in the central part of the beach.

Along the beach there are such famous hotels like the Mövenpick Resort and Spa, Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa and Centara Grand Beach Resort.

Advantages and future development of the district

The beaches of the district are the undoubted advantage. Another convenience is the pretty convenient location, the main road, that is not busy and connects the area with the missing infrastructure. For example, the nearest shopping center Home Pro is located on the Chalong ring, which is a 10-15 minute drive through the pass. Patong Beach is just 15 minutes to the North, your visit there will provide both entertainment and shopping at Jungceylon shopping center, night clubs at Bangla Road and even more restaurants and cafes.

There are a few more prospects for development in this area – new restaurants, cafes, clubs are appearing, the construction of new hotels and condominiums is going on and the service on the beaches is developing.

Real estate and land

Landscape of the area is quite hilly and mountainous, plots of  land on these slopes allow you to build property with sea views. View of the West ensures you amazing sunsets on a daily basis . It might be not so easy to find a plot of lanf for building a house, because the sea view often increases the cost by 60-80%. In many cases it is advisable to build a condominium or a hotel . Among well known new buildings are Karon Hill, Chick Condo Karon, and Beach Condo Kata. One-bedroom apartments with sea views, cost around 5-10 million baht.