Shopping Center Kata Dome Plaza

The Shopping Centre is located near Kata-Karon, 500 meters away from Kata Beach. The two-storey building consists of offices for travel agencies, shops, restaurants, cafes, massage parlors, as well as an underground parking.


The Shopping Centre Kata Dome Plaza is located in #Kata-Karon, on one of the streets leading from the main road to the beach. Among its advantages are a new wide street and well-developed infrastructure. There are shops, restaurants and hotels near it and the path to the sea from these places passes near the shopping center.

History of construction

The three-storey building for 20 offices with underground parking has been constructed in 15 months. Our designers have developed a design project, it was agreed with the owner of the land and the main investor, all permits for construction have been obtained, soil investigation has been carried out.

The construction began in May, 2011. We have drained the lake and prepared the ground, hammered 20-meter piles. On the ground floor the parking has been located, the following two floors have 20 offices, some of them have been merged at the request of tenants. The upper floor is constructed in the form of a conference hall.

The construction was completed in August 2012 and in the new season the visitors of Kata Resort could enjoy new nicely arranged territory and a large 15-meter swimming pool.

Upon the completion of this project Italian restaurant Margarita was equipped and put into operation in 5 united office rooms of the building.

Office rental

Today (late 2013) there are a few available rooms on the second floor of the building. You can rent one of them, please contact #our office.

Future Development

In 2014, the construction of a condominium with 400 apartments will be completed. Also, a new 80-rooms hotel is being built just opposite the shopping center. The construction of another large shopping center on the same street is also planned. Besides, Kata Beach is gaining popularity among tourists and takes the third place after Patong and Karon beaches. This development of the area will increase the number of potential visitors of Kata Dome Plaza shopping center in the coming years.