Active construction of hotels in Phuket requires deep analysis and assessment of global trends of the hotel market. Global hotel chains show interest in Phuket, but they do not always have the opportunity to get a hotel into their management, because the statistics of average occupancy allows Thai business owners to plan the business themselves. What is more, such local networks as Amari and Centara have proven good over 20 years in the market and have a strong strategic advantage in the area of property ownership and lending.

Here are some key trends in the market of construction and operation of hotels.

  • Marketing Management. Increasingly, management of hotel occupancy goes into the hands of those who own the global booking systems and / or negotiate long-term reservations for large customers, such as: major travel companies, network companies, corporate customers.
  • Safety and security. Security in connection with political instability in some countries, the issues of Health and personal safety.
  • Technology. The growing use of expert systems (forms of artificial intelligence) allowing real-time, 24 hours a day monitoring of the occupancy and room rates in the market when dealing with global booking systems. Increasing the number of telecommunication services and infrastructure for individual business travelers and corporate clients, such as Internet access, office equipment and necessary facilities.
  • Globalization. A number of hotel chains that develop hotels around the world and gain advantage at the expense of global marketing and unified management systems.
  • Consolidation. Merger or acquisition, as a consequence of globalization.
  • Segmentation. Clearer division of the market into classes: economy, low, medium and high-class hotels.
  • Rapid growth in the sector of real estate selling. Some hotels and condominiums offer investment packages in the form of buying in the property room, followed by profit.
  • Resorts and hospitals. Increasing number of spas offering treatments, spa, massage parlors. These services increasingly attract tourists as a means of eliminating stress and more positive recreation.
  • Gaming industry. Increasing number of hotels are positioned in the gaming sector, where it is permitted by law.
  • Multi-functional property. Growth of multifunctional construction – hotels with private residences, villas, condominiums, which include fitness centers, spas and other infrastructure.