A-Z New Condominiums in Phuket — new developments 2016-2020

Dec 12, 2018 | General

What is a condominium

Condominium is a residential complex with common area and infrastructure and a special license. Foreigners can own condominium units in their personal names. Condominiums are the most common type of housing that is acquired by foreingers in Thailand.

The purpose of buying a condominium unit

The main purpose of buying a condominium in Phuket is an investment. A condominium license allows management companies to obtain a hotel license in the future. Which makes it possible to rent the units out on a daily basis and make a high rental yield for unit owners.

Variety of condominiums in Phuket

There are ~ 40-50 new developments with a total of 6-7 thousand condo units coming on Phuket real estate market in 2018-2020. Such a choice entails some difficulties for a potential buyer.

How to choose a right condo unit in Phuket

The main difficulty of choosing a condo unit in Phuket is a lack of information about the projects. In most cases, the buyer is not able to evaluate the offers offered by real estate agent. For more informative decision on the property investment, it is necessary to understand the difference about the location, land costs, infrastructure and the future of the area.

Lack of a single database of all projects

Agencies select investment property individually by the request of the client. On the one hand, the agent is interested in offering the best option for the client. On the other hand, the agency receives commissions from the developer. Hence developers can influence the proposals advertised by agencies, the conditions and commissions that they pay for the promotion of their objects.

Misunderstanding of location

The difference in land prices in different areas of Phuket can be tenfold. Same-size plots located in different areas or distances from the beach can differ in price as much as 5 million and 150 million baht. At the same time, the cost per square meter of an apartment in projects with different locations can be around 80-100 thousand baht.

Misunderstanding of infrastructure and prospects

Phuket’s infrastructure is actively developing and changing. To understand the future of the area, you have to learn about both completed and coming projects. These may be competing projects that will affect the occupancy and rental income of the selected condominium. Either projects such as shopping centers, new restaurants, entertainment complexes (water park, kids park, etc.) that will increase the interest in the area and the rental demand.

Phuket condominiums from A to Z

The list of condominiums is actually a list of competitors of VIP KATA Condominium by Phuket9 company. The purpose of the list is to allow potential buyers to be more informative about Phuket real estate market. You contact any developer form the list for more information. Compare projects in different locations by unit prices, rental programs, the scheduled completion dates, etc.

How to use the list of condominiums

This list will allow you to pre-select interesting object and to request information and advice from real estate agents of the island.

Please scroll table to the right to see more information, such as prices, EIA approvals, projects website URL and developers contact information.

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wdt_ID Project name Area To beach Start End EIA Units Buildings Prices THB Income Rental Term Website Email Phone Developer Other
1 Citygate Kamala 600 2015 2019 EIA 388 5 3.500.000 7 5 http://www.citygatephuket.com info@citygatephuket.com +66-76-385-663 Citygate Exclusive Development Co., Ltd
2 Seventh Sky Bangtao 500 2016 171 1 3.200.000 8 3 http://seventhskyphuket.com/ sale@seventhskyphuket.com +66-76-39-0474
3 Infinity Bangtao 800 2017 78 1 2.700.000 8 3 https://fb.com/InfinityResidencePhuket/ +66-94-373-1211
4 Calypso Garden Residences Naiharn 900 2018 2019 EIA 86 1 3.450.000 7 3 http://phuketcalypsogarden.com sales@phuketcalypsogarden.com +66-91-034-4004 EVG Group Development Co., ltd
5 The Peaks Residence Kata Noi 300 2017 2020 416 23 5.400.000 8 3 http://www.thepeaksresidence.com/ info@thepeaksresidence.com +66-76-600-029 Ocean Group Asia
6 ReLife The Windy Naiharn 800 2017 2019 120 1 3.500.000 7 3 http://relifecondo.com/windy/ bd-mkt.mg@relifecondo.com +66-85-5706754 Re Life Co., LTD
7 Aristo Karon Karon 1.000 2017 2019 EIA 301 15 2.800.000 8 3 http://thearisto-group.com/ sales@thearisto-group.com Rinthara development Co., LTD
8 Aristo Patong Patong 1.000 2017 2018 EIA 122 18 3.980.000 http://thearisto-group.com/ sales@thearisto-group.com Rinthara development Co., LTD
9 Phuket Encore The Residence Karon 800 2017 2020 360 5 3.800.000 8 3 http://phuketencore.com/home info@phuketencore.com +66-95-429-2934 Chalong Concrete Group of companies
10 Coco Sea Naiharn Naiharn 800 2016 376 12 5.300.000 6 15 https://www.cissagroup.com info@cissagroup.com Con-F Development Co., Ltd

VIP KATA Condominium

vip kata condominium

A complete information about how to purchase a condo unit of Phuket9 company can be found at  VIP KATA Condominium web-page.

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