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What is a condominium

Condominium is a residential complex with common area and infrastructure and a special license. Foreigners can own condominium units in their personal names. Condominiums are the most common type of housing that is acquired by foreigners in Thailand.

The purpose of buying a condominium unit

The main purpose of buying a condominium in Phuket is an investment. A condominium license allows managing companies to obtain a hotel license in the future. Which makes it possible to rent the units out on a daily basis and make a high rental yield for unit owners.

Variety of condominiums in Phuket

There are ~ 60 new developments with a total of 8-10 thousand condo units coming at Phuket real estate market in 2018-2020. Such a big choice entails some difficulties for a potential buyer.

The main problem of choosing a condo unit in Phuket is a lack of information about all projects for comparison. In most cases, a buyer is not able to evaluate the offers made by a real estate agent. For more informative decision on the property investment it is necessary to understand the difference about the location, land costs, infrastructure and the future of the area.

The difference in land prices on Phuket can be tenfold. Same-size plots located in different areas or distances from the beach can differ in price as much as 5 million and 150 million baht. At the same time, the cost per square meter of an apartment in projects with different locations can be similar, usually the prices are around 80-120 thousand baht per square meter of completed condo unit with furniture package.

Compare of infrastructure and prospects

Phuket infrastructure is actively developing and changing. To understand the future of the area you have to learn about both completed and coming projects. These may be competing projects that will affect the occupancy and rental income of the selected condominium. Other projects such as shopping centers, new restaurants, entertainment complexes (water park, kids park, etc.) that will increase the interest in the area and the rental demand.

Phuket condominiums from A to Z

The condominium list is to help you to understand and analyze the property development market. You may use data from this website, but note it is regularly updated.

condominium construction in phuket

Please scroll table to the right to see more information, such as prices, EIA approvals, projects website URL and developers contact information.

If you need more details about projects in Phuket or any recommendations or actual information about current construction and prices or our professional advice, please contact us.

wdt_ID Project name Area Beach Start End EIA Units Buildings Price from ROI Rent Website Email Phone Developer Other
1 Citygate Kamala 600 2015 2019 EIA 388 5 3.500.000 7 5 http://www.citygatephuket.com info@citygatephuket.com +66-76-385-663 Citygate Exclusive Development Co., Ltd
2 Andaman Riviera (Seventh Sky) Bangtao 500 2016 2020 EIA 171 1 3.200.000 8 3 http://seventhskyphuket.com/ sale@seventhskyphuket.com +66-76-39-0474
3 Infinity Bangtao 800 2017 0 0 102 1 2.700.000 8 3 https://fb.com/InfinityResidencePhuket/ +66-94-373-1211 N/A
4 Calypso Garden Residences Naiharn 900 2018 2019 EIA 86 1 3.450.000 7 3 http://phuketcalypsogarden.com sales@phuketcalypsogarden.com +66-91-034-4004 EVG Group Development Co., ltd
5 The Peaks Residence Kata Noi 300 2017 2022 EIA 416 23 5.400.000 8 3 http://www.thepeaksresidence.com/ info@thepeaksresidence.com +66-76-600-029 Ocean Group Asia
6 ReLife The Windy Naiharn 800 2017 2019 EIA 120 1 3.500.000 7 3 http://relifecondo.com/windy/ bd-mkt.mg@relifecondo.com +66-85-5706754 Re Life Co., LTD
7 Aristo Karon Karon 1.000 2017 2019 EIA 301 15 2.800.000 8 3 http://thearisto-group.com/ sales@thearisto-group.com +66-61-076-7722 Rinthara development Co., LTD
8 Aristo Patong Patong 1.000 2017 2018 EIA 122 18 3.980.000 0 0 http://thearisto-group.com/ sales@thearisto-group.com +66-61-076-7722 Rinthara development Co., LTD
9 Phuket Encore The Residence Karon 800 2017 2019 EIA 360 5 3.800.000 8 3 http://phuketencore.com/home info@phuketencore.com +66-95-429-2934 Chalong Concrete Group of companies
10 Coco Sea Naiharn Naiharn 800 2016 2020 EIA 376 12 5.300.000 6 15 https://www.cissagroup.com info@cissagroup.com +66-20-265-300 Con-F Development Co., Ltd

Disclaimer for A-Z Phuket Condominiums List

The information is taken from open sources. Feel free to download and use all data at your own convenience. If you find any mistake or missed data and would like to update this list, please send information to office@phuket9.com. 


777 Beach Condo


Aristo Karon
Aristo Patong
Aristotle Condo Surin


Baan Maikhao
Babylon Sky Garden
Bluepoint Condo
Breeze Park Condotel


Calypso Garden Residences
Coco Sea Naiharn


Dhawa Residences
Diamond Bangtao


Grand Himalai


Himalai Kamala




Lake Avenue


Maikhao Beach Condominium
Mercury Condo


Naiharn Sea Condo
Naka Bay Seaview


Oceana Beachfront


Palmetto Condominium
Palmyrah Surin
Panora Seaview
Patong Bay Hill 2
Patong Bay Oceaniew Cottages
Patong Bay Seaview Cottages
Pearl Condo
Pearl of Naithon
Phuket Encore The Residence
Phuket Water World


Rawai Beach Condominium
ReLife The Windy
Riviera Residence


Seventh Sky
Sheraton Grand Bay
Sole Mio Condominium
Space Condominium
Splendid Condo
Surin Sands Condo


The Marin
The Peaks Residence
The Proud Rawai
The Proud Residence Karon
The Title Residencies Naiyang


Utopia Karon
Utopia Naiharn


Vip Kata 1 Condominium
VIP Kata 2 Condominium
Viva Patong

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