Flooding Test for Rawai VIP Villas: Passed

03 Aug 2015

This article aims to present, in the simplest words, how Phuket 9 Real Estate Development worked to avoid problems with flooding during the construction of the Rawai VIP Villas housing plan. We believe it may serve as a useful reference for both agents and those who plan to buy land in Phuket.

The recent heavy rains that struck Phuket on the night of August 2nd of this year really put the Rawai VIP Villas project and team Phuket9 to the test. As a result of this natural disaster, we are now certain that the time, money and efforts we spent on land preparation were well worth the costs.

In Phuket’s tropical climate, heavy rains are not rare phenomenon; and during the “green season,” the rains are often so strong that the roads turn into rivers. It is therefore necessary to take care of all measurements and prepare the land to handle flooding during the early building stages.

How to Avoid Flood Damage

1.       Topographic plan:  Measurements of the relief the terrain

topographic measurements

July, 2014, Rawai VIP Villas Phase 1

Without a relief plan in place, it is impossible to plan storm-water drainage or to know in what direction the water will flow in a given land plot. The cost of having these measurements done is far less than the potential expensive consequences, so this step should never be overlooked.

2.       Ground leveling

ground leveling

June, 2014, Rawai VIP Villas Phase 2

In some cases, such as ours, it is necessary to level the ground (by raising or lowering it as needed) at the site. Often this necessitates the purchase extra soil; but sometimes, if you end up with too much soil, the excess can be sold. Understanding of these procedures gives an insight to the final value of the land. This factor can be used when discussing discounts at the time you purchase the land; or, alternatively, can enable you to foresee the ability to make extra profit from selling soil.

3.     Rain drainage (sewage)

rain drainage

July, 2014, Rawai VIP Villas Phase 1

The sewage system plan is based on the topographic measurements of the land. Storm water drainage is planned and built during the initial phase of construction. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss the construction with neighbors or public authorities in order to connect your project’s sewage tubes to common outfalls, canals or rivers. The diameter of the outfall pipe and channel depth is calculated based on the built-up area and the expected quantity of rainwater. Of course, this planning and work increases the overall cost the land; but what buyer wouldn’t be willing to pay more for the added security and safety of their investments?

4. Supporting walls

supporting wall

August, 7, 2014, Rawai VIP Villas Phase 1

If the plot is bordered by the canal or lake, lack of supporting walls will cause it to fail.

In our case the retaining wall is more than 350 meters and came at a relatively high cost. But as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

supporting wall

August, 3, 2015, Rawai VIP Villas Phase 1

Admittedly, the execution from our side was not flawless. One part of the third-phase retaining wall collapsed during the heavy rains. But the reason turned out to be simply that the work on the wall was as-yet not complete. The bad weather caught us by surprise. Fortunately, this shortcoming has been eliminated without serious consequences faced by anyone else.

supporting wall fail

August, 3, Rawai VIP Villas border with canal at Phase 3

This case showed us that paying sufficient attention to the rainwater system of the land is a must. Otherwise, one day or night you may end up facing expensive damages that far exceed the costs associated with preparatory prevention work.

Rawai VIP Villas location

July, 2015, Rawai VIP Villas location plan

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