Lets go to the future - real estate event from Phuket9

02 Oct 2020

On October 25 at 17:30 on the roof of the Grand Kata VIP Hotel (Phuket, Kata Beach), the next meeting of real estate specialists, the island's administration, representatives of tourist operators and businessmen operating in Phuket will take place.


Special Rooftop event from Phuket9


The main agenda of the meeting will be the near future of the tourism industry, new standards and specifics of work under quarantine restrictions. Special guests include developers from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and local companies in Phuket.


Special Real Estate Event from Phuket9


The heads of the delegation from Bangkok, representing the government unit working under the Thai Elite program, will make a presentation. It is this tool that already allows property owners to come to Phuket, and in the near future it will be a working marketing tool for the developer.


The meeting is informal and most of the time will be devoted to the entertainment part. The famous singer Malika will present her performance, a buffet table of European and Russian cuisine will be prepared for the guests, and you will have an excellent opportunity to simply communicate with each other in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.


Malika Kazakova at Phuket9 Event


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For all questions, please contact: sales@phuket9.com


Or WhatsApp: +66623698978


See you on October 25th at 17:30 on the rooftop of the Grand Kata VIP Hotel.



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