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02 Mar 2021

Passive income in foreign currency and elite visa for 20 years.

Saving money in the face of global economic turbulence is becoming increasingly difficult. The constant decline in rates on ruble deposits, negative interest on foreign currency deposits and other factors are steadily intensified by the psychological pressure of the pandemic. In order to survive and make money in the new reality, modernized tools and a new approach are needed. Investing in resort real estate is not a new method, but in the current situation, in addition to the potential profitability, this option is also gaining popularity due to the “alternate airfield” principle.

Phuket - a safe place of future prospects

Bevore pandemic, the island of Phuket in Thailand broke world records for the growth of attendance and competed in real estate prices with Tenerife and Los Angeles. The island received up to 12 million tourists from all over the world annually. As a result, the price bubble reached its climax and was on the verge of a big bang with the onset of world quarantine. Contrary to expectations and numerous negative forecasts, a sharp drop in prices did not happen. Developers and property owners took a long hiatus and devoted themselves entirely to the modernization of finished housing and the completion of the current projects. The reason for this is one fact: Phuket is one of the most promising destinations for meeting deferred demand. The geographical location, climate, sea and highly developed infrastructure of the island are undoubtedly the basis for guaranteed demand and, as a result, liquidity of real estate in the future.

Organic growth in land value

Today, despite quarantine measures and a complete stop of tourism, land prices continue to rise. Annual organic growth ranges from 3% to 5% per annum. This fact is already a significant criterion of profitability due to the stability of the local currency - the Thai baht. Currency fluctuations in the baht against the US dollar have been minimal for 25 years, and the country's economy is one of the leading in Southeast Asia. The income part of real estate before the onset of quarantine was lined up in the aggregate of rental income (from 5 to 10% per annum), land appreciation and minimal inflation (less than 1%).

Buy when bad, sell when good

A simple, understandable and most importantly effective scheme for working with real estate investments. However, the word “bad” hardly applies to Phuket at the moment. Rather, at this time there is an opportunity to provide yourself with more favorable conditions for buying real estate and get much more preferences. Developers and large realtors to maintain cash flow, although they do not cross the line of radical discounts, are becoming much more flexible in terms of payment, installments, and the provision of additional services. The rhetoric and range of proposals is gradually revealed in more and more promising proposals.

Wekata Luxury

Elite Visa for 20 years

Thailand's immigration laws are among the strictest and most demanding in the world. Despite the large number of tourism-oriented concessions, the code of laws is merciless towards foreigners planning to stay in Thailand for a long time. The exception is the Thailand Elite program developed for wealthy travelers planning a long stay. The visa for this program is an immigration package of privileges under the patronage of the Thai government and the special organization TAT. An elite visa allows you to stay in the Kingdom for up to 20 years and offers a whole package of bonuses (priority passage of immigration control, golf passes, spa passes, restaurants, bars, premium shops). The cost of this visa for 5 years exceeds $ 20,000 and for 20 years $ 35,000. At the moment, some developers, as a bonus when buying an apartment worth $ 170,000 or more, offer an Elite Visa for 20 years free of charge.

Phuket9 is a full cycle developer with 20 years of experience

The Phuket9 developer company offers investment condominiums and villas with subsequent management and guaranteed rental income programs. Income in our facilities ranges from 6% to 7% per annum, there are buyback options, Elite Visa and full legal support. Our facilities are being built with a significant infrastructure background (children's parks, medical clinics, spas, restaurants, sports clubs), which gives projects additional liquidity. Contact our experts directly and we will always provide you with the most up-to-date information on investing in Phuket real estate.

Phuket9 company in numbers:


  • 20 years of construction and management
  • Over 200,000 square meters of housing
  • 500,000 square meters of construction
  • Over 150 million dollars invested 
  • 10,000 stay bookings
  • 70 villas
  • 4 hotels
  • 7 infrastructure facilities
  • 300 employees in the state
  • 1000 employees in construction contracts

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Real estate investment is one of the most reliable ways to save capital. A well-chosen object brings passive income of 6% per year. Phuket real estate rises in price due to increased tourist flow, construction restrictions and land limits.

Phuket9 has been professionally engaged in investing, building and managing real estate in Phuket since 2004. The portfolio of the company includes hotels, condominiums and villas.

The main advantage of the company is a professional and regular Phuket real esatet market researh, turn-key construction experience and management skills.

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