Rawai VIP Villas – the Reasons for Successful Development

08 Oct 2015

The construction of the Rawai VIP Villas project in Phuket began in March of 2014. To date, more than 70% of the villas are sold and 11 houses are accessible to their owners. The first phase of the project will be complete and we will be ready to start accepting rentals within two months. You can get more information by stopping in at our project office, at which time you can also tour the completed houses.

Our rental department is already accepting bookings for the upcoming season and is signing contracts with local agencies and international tour companies. They are also listing the villa properties with several reservation systems such as Booking, Agoda, Expedia, and Airbnb.

The Reasons for Our Success

Despite the fact that many agencies and developers are currently complaining of a low sales season—which is connected with the political situation in Thailand as well as struggling economies in Russia and countries in European union (who are the main buyers and investors of properties in Thailand)—the Rawai VIP Villas project continues to develop and sell successfully.

Several important factors make it easy for us to sell. These include:


The main factor in property-sales success is, and always has been, a good location. The project’s villas are located just 300 meters from the seafront and are within walking distance of beautiful, quiet Rawai Beach. This location very accurately fits in the concept of a quiet residential village and is suitable for either a long stay or a short family vacation.


While the location is something that cannot be changed, it is important that it is used correctly. That is why we have added the amenities of a family-friendly park with playgrounds and water attractions, a restaurant with children’s menu, a spa, and a wellness center. These facilities are available to our permanent residents as well as guests who are renting villas for short vacations. The community is located within an area of over 5000 sq.m.,  which is more far space than most developments have available since there are not very many large land plots are left in similar locations.


We strive to simplify the process of buying property as much as possible. Buyers receive consultation on the acquisition and registration of property in Thailand. We then help prepare all the necessary documents for registration and ensure that buyers fully understand the terms of their property ownership. We include these services as part of the selling price so we get loyal customers.

After-sales service include all community amenities such as house and grounds-keeping services, pool maintenance, bill paying, and even the option of “breakfast in bed.”

Guaranteed Rental Income

Though the offer of a guaranteed rental income is a fairly common practice within the industry today, we strive to go above and beyond what is offered by our competitors. Our program is clear and simple to understand. Our buyers who are investing in these properties receive a fixed income, regardless of whether their house is rented or not, so there is no need to worry about a lack of payments if the house remains empty for an extended period.

We believe that our customers appreciate this service. Of the 13 villas that have already sold at Phase 1, 11 buyers opted to sign into this guaranteed rental income agreement.


In pricing, we keep things simple for the customers as well. Because we are contracting company with more than 70 employees, we do not need to involve the costs associated with outside contracting firms as an extra element in our pricing. We control the quality and timing of our construction. At times, we respond to requests for additional space from our buyers, for example: extra storage or expanded bedrooms and bathrooms. When we can offer such services at a low cost, we get a loyal customer.

We made the price for our villas comfortable and competitive. A complete package of furniture and décor is included in the cost, so the buyer does not need to worry about additional or hidden costs. The price that is specified in the price list is for a fully furnished, ready-to-move-in house that can be used immediately after registration.

Work with agencies

To date, the main source of our sales is through local real estate agencies. Because our sales are already strong, we are not in a hurry to develop our marketing strategy faster than our competition. Right now, we are happy that there are plenty of hardworking and active agents around us with whom we can share the benefits and experience.

Our Sales Strategy

Here are some important strategic points and knowledge that helps us sell properties despite being in the midst of a so-called “low season.”

The Target Audience

Sellers must understand their projects’ target audience. In our case, buyers are divided into two main groups.

  1. The older generation – These are typically buyers who plan to live their retirement years in Phuket. They frequently buy the properties as an investment to receive rental income now while having plans to move into the developed neighborhood and live within walking distance from the sea once they retire.
  2. The younger generation – These buyers are mainly represented by young Asian families from China who wish to move to an ecologically clean place on an island with a developed infrastructure. They are strongly interested in finding a place that offers international schools for their children. In most cases, these buyers purchase two or more properties in order to use one of them as an investment to receive guaranteed profit from rent.

Closing deals with these customers is easy, all that is required for a successful closing of the deal is to discuss possible changes to the floor plan of the house, agree on the terms and conditions of payment.

Sources of Buyers (Lead Channels)

In order to give the right advice to our business partners, we constantly carry out experiments to attract buyers ourselves. We have determined that agents should pay attention to the following sales factors:

  1. The Internet – An actual web page and pages within the various social networks is where potential buyers can learn about your company and the quality of your provided services. If you located in Phuket, do not rush to invest in the promotion of your website; instead, you should primarily be engaged in local marketing, as this is your main advantage.
  2. Points of Sale – The most effective way to attract customers on the spot is through a selling point in a public place. This can be anything from an office in a good location to a selling booth in one of the island’s shopping mall. The greatest number of shows come from the agencies that have such selling booths.
  3. Word of Mouth – Word of mouth is a gold mine—especially when working with the Chinese segment. This is extremely important to know. Buyers from China like to bring their friends. If you can, offer them fees (commission shares) for referring their friends and acquaintances to buy properties from you. Note that this is common practice in the Chinese market. All agents from China with whom we work rank “word of mouth” in first place in their marketing.

Knowledge of the Project and the Infrastructure of the Area and the Island

Agents sell their knowledge. It is important that you provide buyers professional consultations wherein you can answer all their questions. To do this properly, it is necessary that you have full information about the project you are selling, and that you know the location and infrastructure of the area in which it is located.

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