VIPKaron - why invest now?

08 Oct 2020

Buy when it is bad, sell when it is good. This irreproachable truth works always and in everything connected with investments. In the current situation, the word "bad" gets more and more gradations and shades, which stimulates expectations of the final fall of the real estate market in Phuket. And we can say with confidence - the market is in a steep peak, however, not everything is so simple.

Who will survive the global pandemic?

Not all of this is accurate. The current crisis has staged a shock test of the capacity of developers in Phuket. And it's not even a matter of financial cushion, safety reserves and fortitude. Only those who act with flexibility and vision will enter the new post-covid future. It is the ability to correlate operational activity, to stop or, on the contrary, accelerate certain processes that will become the main survival weapon. We propose to consider an investment project, by the example of which it is possible to form a kind of "avatar" of projects that are most likely to last until the end of the covid crisis.

VIPKaron - investment in the future

Construction of a new VIPKaron facility from Phuket9 began in August 2020, 600 meters from the famous Karon Beach in Phuket. The start of work literally fell at the height of the crisis, however, even in the current alarming situation, the company managed to sell more than 30% even before the start of construction equipment. So, what are the main criteria for a project that investors still believe in? There are several signs of the success of an investment object:


  • Developer with an impressive portfolio and reputation
  • Operating objects (hotels, villas, condominiums)
  • Investment program with guaranteed income
  • Well-chosen location
  • Own management company (not a contractor)
  • Own construction and architecture department
  • Installment payments for 2 years
  • Market average entry threshold


Seaview bedroom in VIPKaron by Phuket9

The launch of construction at the junction of the tectonic plates of the economic crisis, and a series of internal economic reforms of the developer made it possible to plan a new project already adjusted for the current situation. The exit from the economic peak will take place gradually and will take at least two, or even three years. By this time, VIPKaron will be fully built and put into operation, which will significantly affect both the cost of apartments and the demand for the project, adjusted for the deferred demand factor.

Buy a project under construction, but come now

A nice bonus to buying an apartment in VIPKaron worth from 5,000,000 baht ($ 160,000) is the opportunity to get an elite visa for 5 years with the help of a developer. The “Phuket is my second home” program has already allowed some investors who bought real estate in Phuket9 to receive a full range of preferences. The determining factor was the availability of additional bonuses not only from the state program Thai Elite, but also personal bonuses from the developer:


  • The right to enter Thailand now
  • Eligible in Thailand for the entire duration of the visa
  • Automatic visa extension
  • Automatic 90 days report
  • Unlimited entry and exit (multi re-entry)
  • Special corridor at immigration control
  • Meeting at the airport
  • Transfer from airport
  • Opening a local bank account in baht and US dollars
  • 24/7 call center support
  • Golf Club Pass
  • Spa subscription
  • Discounts in shopping centers and restaurant chains
  • Lifetime discount on accommodation in the Hotels9 network
  • Free admission to Rawai Park
  • BIOscan health diagnostics
  • Spa visit
  • Ability to stay in a villa for apartment owners


Phuket9 fully undertakes the entire process of paperwork and legal support.


What real estate is involved in the program besides VIPKaron?

At the moment, you can take part in the “Phuket is my second home” program by purchasing an object worth from 5,000,000 baht in projects:


  • Wekata Luxury (completed, price for one bedroom apartment 5,047,245 baht)

  • VIPKaron (commissioning January 2022, studio price 5,148,000 baht)

  • Rawai VIP Villas Luxury Phase (completion December 2020, price for 2 bedroom villa with pool 10,648,000 baht)

Can I buy real estate remotely and get a visa?

Remote purchase is already a proven and reliable mechanism. The buyer does not need to be in Thailand to purchase real estate. All documents are processed remotely and sent for signature using DHL.

How is a remote transaction carried out and a 5-year visa issued?

Remote purchase is performed in the following steps:

  • Selection of an object, apartment, villa
  • Determination of the payment procedure (installments are provided for all projects)
  • Signing an agreement on the reservation of an apartment / villa
  • Reservation deposit 100,000 baht (3,000 $)
  • Coordination of the purchase agreement, signing of the contract by the developer
  • Sending the contract to the buyer, signing by the buyer
  • Making the first payment (30% of the property value)
  • Submission of documents for obtaining a visa
  • Obtaining a visa by the buyer and entering Thailand


What will happen to the purchased property?

Each property from Phuket9 is an investment project that offers owners various forms of income. For example, in the Wekata Luxury complex it is a guaranteed income of 7% per annum of the cost of an apartment for 8 years, in the VIPKaron project for 5 years, in the Rawai VIP Villas Luxury Phase it is 6% per annum.


What installment plan do you provide?

Each project has the ability to split payments according to a convenient schedule for you.


Wekata Luxury - until September 2021
VIPKaron - until March 2022
Rawai VIP Villas - until June 2021


The initial payment is only 30% and is the basis for obtaining a visa for you under the program "Phuket is my second home".

Please contact us directly for a detailed consultation. We will always provide you with the best conditions for the price and payment procedure.





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Real estate investment is one of the most reliable ways to save capital. A well-chosen object brings passive income of 6% per year. Phuket real estate rises in price due to increased tourist flow, construction restrictions and land limits.

Phuket9 has been professionally engaged in investing, building and managing real estate in Phuket since 2004. The portfolio of the company includes hotels, condominiums and villas.

The main advantage of the company is a professional and regular Phuket real esatet market researh, turn-key construction experience and management skills.

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