Wekata - from wasteland to luxury hotel. Story of Construction

17 May 2021

In July 2018, Phuket9 began construction of a new hotel complex on Kata Beach. According to the developer's plans, in 20 months on a plot of land located 500 meters from the beach, it was necessary to erect two buildings with a total number of 204 apartments. In parallel with the start of construction, the sales department of Phuket9 company began an active phase of the sale of apartments.

July 2018

The first stage of the work was the demolition of the old building of the "Chaba" hotel. For these purposes, the building was almost completely dismantled, the equipment was removed, and the remaining frames were destroyed with the help of heavy equipment. 



On July 15, 2018, a ceremony dedicated to the spirits of the area was held at the site of the future construction site. This custom focuses on requesting permission from the subtle worlds to begin noisy work that can disturb the peace and tranquility of this place. Such ceremonies, as well as ceremonies with the invitation of high spiritual guides, are an integral part of the work of all building processes.



On July 18, 2018, with the help of three excavators, the remains of the building were completely destroyed, and the 4.19 rai (6,704 square meters) construction site was completely ready.



On July 22, 2018, a ceremony of blessing of works took place at the construction site. Especially for this, one of the most famous spiritual mentors in Thailand, Luang Poh Wara, the abbot of the Po Tong Temple, arrived from Bangkok.



On July 23, 2018, Phuket9 started the pile driving phase. At this section of the construction site, the company's construction department for the first time applied the technology of “silent” driving, when with the help of specialized equipment the piles are not driven into the ground, but literally pressed into the ground with a press, without emitting endless loud blows. This technology makes the process much more expensive, but at the same time maintains relative peace and quiet for the surrounding hotels.



November 2018

In just four months, 1,687 piles were driven by the presses. A key stage in preparation for the construction of the foundation has been completed. According to the architectural project, the height of the first building is 8 floors, and the second 6 floors, and the preparation of the base of the supporting structures required the highest quality preparation.



January 2019

The first two months of 2019 were marked by active work on the construction of the foundation. For these purposes, the builders had to first go deeper into the -1 floor to create underground parking in the first and second buildings, and then proceed to concreting.



Another event in January was the opening of two presentation apartments at once, built according to an architectural project in the sales office of Phuket9 located in the head office in Rawai. Show samples were identical copies of future type “D” apartments - studio 30 sq.m. and type “C” - one-bedroom apartment 35 sq.m.



In addition to the opening of show units, a model complex was installed in the sales office, which includes a completely finished project, the future Wekata Luxury Hotel, the already built Grand Kata VIP Hotel, and the Kata Kids Park family entertainment center.



February 2019

On February 22, the management of Phuket9, together with representatives of the sales department, went to the capital of China - Beijing. The main purpose of the trip was to hold a large presentation of the future complex for buyers from China. During the visit, Phuket9 employees held a comprehensive presentation and buffet reception at the JW Marriott Beijing, visited the Great Wall of China and worked with colleagues at the company's official sales office located in SOHO Wangjing.



March 2019

At the beginning of March, the parking lot in building “D” was completely completed and closed by overlap, and the works on closing the parking lot in building “D” were being completed. All work went ahead of schedule by a month and a half.



May 2019

In May 2019, 5 floors of Building “D” were completed. At the same time, rough finishing works began on the ground floors and the parking lot.



September 2019

In September, all 8 floors and a rooftop pool were completed in the ‘D” building. The cranes continue to work only on the construction site of building “C”. The facades of the buildings are covered with camouflage fabric for the convenience of rough finishing works. A temporary sales office was built near the future central entrance.



November 2019

In November, work began on the construction of the main supporting structure, which, according to the project, performs the function of the main support of one of the modules of the “C” building. This column is located in the center of the future circular entrance and exit to one of the parking lots of the complex.



January 2020

The floors have been completed in both buildings, with cranes working only to transport heavy finishing materials to the upper floors. Finishing of the premises begins modularly.



On January 7th, Phuket9 is holding a massive promotional campaign. In the Laguna Phuket complex, right on the seashore, the company organizes a concert of the Mumiy Troll band.



More than 5,000 people come to the concert, and the Mumiy Troll group gives guests one of their best performances. This becomes the last mass event in Phuket ahead of the upcoming pandemic.



March 2020

In March, construction work continued on schedule. Active work was carried out on interior decoration and facade decoration.



On March 21, 2020, literally on the eve of the total lockdown, a solemn ceremony of installing the sign of the future hotel was held at the construction site. Especially for this, Luang Poh Wara arrived from Bangkok again and held a solemn blessing ceremony.



April 2020

From April to July, the government restricted the operation of construction sites. These measures were periodically suspended and then resumed. At every opportunity, the construction department continued to work in compliance with all safety standards, checking the temperature, mask mode and social distance standards.



During the strict restrictive measures, Phuket9, together with the Phuket administration and the support of the security forces, filmed a documentary about how the island's residents fought the first wave of the pandemic.

January 2021

The following months were completely devoted to interior finishing work. On the second floor of building “D” two presentation, fully finished apartments were opened. The complex began to acquire its final appearance, and the common areas are gradually being improved.



March 2021

On March 6th, Luang Poh Saitong, the rector of the temple in Wad Pa Huai Kum, Chaiyaphum Province, visited the Wekata Luxury Hotel. Master stayed two nights at the hotel with great honor and performed two large ceremonies to bless the future hotel.



On March 21th, at 09:09 am sharp, a ceremony was held to install the main altar at the central entrance of building “D”. In fact, this ceremony is a symbolic completion of the main stage of construction. Traditionally, the ceremony was conducted by Luang Poh Wara.



April 2021

In April, the stage of acceptance of apartments by the owners began. Due to the de facto international lockdown of Thailand, most of the owners were unable to come and personally check the quality of the new apartment. This difficulty was helped by professional realtors who work with their clients and provide them with the maximum package of services. They carried out most of the inspections in the video conference mode, identifying shortcomings (which, by the way, were few), and drawing up defect detection reports.



At the moment, the hotel complex is being prepared for the opening, which is scheduled for July 1, 2021. According to the government's plan, from July this year the island of Phuket will open to tourists in the so-called "sandbox" mode, when international travelers with vaccination passports will be able to fly to Phuket without going through mandatory quarantine.

Reservations for the upcoming season are already open on the official website of the hotel, and the department is making final preparations before the official opening.

The Phuket9 Construction Department has begun active work on the creation of a new project - VIPKaron sea view condominium, which will be built in May 2022.



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