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Dibuk Hospital

Kirill Vyalykh 20 Oct 2015

At the beginning of October 2015, the new high-tech Dibuk Hospital joined “Bangkok Hospital,” a group of private hospitals including Bangkok and Phuket International hospitals. It is located on Chao Fa West Road, near the Honda salon. The...

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Bridge Phuket – Krabi

Kirill Vyalykh 14 Oct 2015

A project to build a bridge connecting Phuket and Krabi, which runs through the island of Koh Yao, is currently awaiting public hearings and the conclusion of an ecological study. The working title of the project is “Long Island.” Construction...

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Dolphin Bay Phuket dolphinarium

Kirill Vyalykh 13 Oct 2015

The project to launch the dolphinarium in Phuket experienced some difficulties in obtaining the necessary approvals due to claims of cruelty to animals. However, despite the controversy, the dolphinarium opened to the publish on November 3rd of...

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Rawai VIP Villas – the Reasons for Successful Development

Kirill Vyalykh 08 Oct 2015

Despite the fact that many agencies and developers are currently complaining of a low sales season—which is connected with the political situation in Thailand as well as struggling economies in Russia and countries in European union — the Rawai VIP Villas project continues to develop and sell successfully.

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IKEA on Phuket

Kirill Vyalykh 07 Oct 2015

We have great news for fans of IKEA, the internationally known retailer of cozy home accessories, furniture at affordable prices and a variety of ideas on how to improve the space of the house, garden or office. There will soon an IKEA opening...

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Infrastructure Development of Hospitals in Phuket

Kirill Vyalykh 29 Sep 2015

Phuket is world-renowned in the area of medicine. Many come to the island to improve their health or to use the services of experts in the field of aesthetic medicine. Additionally, in the field rehabilitative medicine, Phuket occupies the...

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New Projects in Phuket’s Entertainment Environment

Kirill Vyalykh 23 Sep 2015

Having assessed the influx of investments Phuket has attracted in recent years, it is easy to see how tremendous changes in the tourism sector have created a more comfortable environment for permanent residence. The island is rich in beaches,...

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Investments in Phuket’s Yacht Marinas

Kirill Vyalykh 16 Sep 2015

Development plans include the conversion of the coast of Phuket into a hub for water tourism. Doing so is expected to improve and strengthen tourism opportunities in the region. Phuket currently has four world-class yacht harbors: Royal Phuket...

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The Development of Road and Transport Infrastructure in Phuket

Kirill Vyalykh 09 Sep 2015

According to forecasts by the Department of Land Transport in Phuket, it is expected that this year will add more than 8,000 cars and almost 16,000 motorcycles to the province. This can mean as many as 24,000 vehicles on an island with an area of 543 sq. km. That equates to approximately 50 vehicles per square kilometer.

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